5 tips for the best proposal ever!

So you have the ring and are ready to roll? Okay, first of all… CONGRATULATIONS! Engagements are so freaking exciting and your proposal deserves to be celebrated! If you are wanting to plan the perfect proposal these 5 tips should be super helpful for you. Here are 5 tips for the best proposal ever!

1. Scout your location

Scouting your proposal location is super important. You’re going to want to be able to visualize the moment and knowing where it will happen is key. There are a few ways to go about this…

  • Choose a place that is special to you and your partner. This could be a first date spot, where you met, or even in your backyard. Choosing a special location will really be perfect for an intimate proposal if that is the vibe you are going for.
  • Choose a place that is stunningly beautiful. This could be the best view of the city, a dramatic styled set, or the oldest, most ornate restaurant in your city. This is a perfect choice if you really want to go for the WOW factor and get jaw-dropping proposal photos.
  • Choose a place that is a total surprise. This could be at the baseball game, or during a walk on the riverfront. This is great if you think your partner is on to you and you want to totally catch them off guard.

Any of these choices is a good choice. It really just depends on what you are wanting for your proposal. If you’re in Cincinnati and looking for a great spot, check out this list.

Once you have the location and type of proposal you want, you are ready to start the real planning.

2. Hire a photographer!

In my experience (and anyone I’ve ever talked to!), it is hard to remember how the whole thing went down! You kind of just black out and forget most of it. So, you’re going to want some photos to help remember – and to make your announcement to family and friends! You could have a friend hiding to take photos on a phone, but let’s be honest… professional photos are so much better. It is worth the cost to have those memories forever. Plus, your partner will be so excited to see those photos.

Make sure you communicate clearly with your photographer. You definitely don’t want any misunderstandings or mixups during the proposal – you don’t get a redo!

Here are some things to make sure your photographer knows:

  • Exactly where you plan to propose. I had a proposal go flawlessly because the boyfriend texted me maps with marked locations. He also shared his location with me so I could track where he was and when they would be arriving to the location. I highly recommend this approach because it really cuts out any question marks.
  • What time you plan to arrive. Your photographer should arrive well in advance, but it is really nice to know what time (about a 10 minute window) so they can be prepared with their camera at the ready. The last thing you want is to be ready to pop the question but have to wait because your photographer wasn’t set.
  • What you are going to be wearing. Or share a picture. Many times for proposals, you don’t meet with the photographer ahead of time. You are trying to keep this all on the DL, so meeting ahead of time is tricky. You’re going to want to make sure your photographer knows what you look like so they can be prepared when they see you. This is especially important if you are proposing at a stunning spot that may be a popular proposal site. Imagine if your photographer is ready and another couple gets engaged… they wouldn’t know which couple is theirs!

3. Stand with the photographer to your side

The photos of your proposal happen in an instant. Your photographer will be set waiting for the moment – which means they won’t have time to run to a new location for a different view. You’re going to want to stand with the photographer to your side so they have a great view of both of you.

4. Celebrate after!

It is easy to only think about the proposal itself, but it is equally important to think about right after! Think about planning a celebratory activity for you and your new fiancé. If you hired a photographer, they will likely do a little mini session for you so you have some beautiful engagement/proposal stories. You could plan a little date night out at your favorite bar, a small party with family and friends, bring some champagne for right after the proposal, or even have a sunset picnic. You will want some time to just chat and talk about how excited you both are! It will also give you a chance to call all of those important people you want to tell right away! This thoughtfulness goes a long way.

5. Take a breath

Just take a deep breath! You are about to ask the love of your life to spend forever with you – that is SO EXCITING! It is totally normal to feel nervous, but just remember why you’re doing this in the first place. The look on your partner’s face when you drop to one knee is going to be priceless.

So now that you have read the 5 tips for the best proposal ever, you are ready to hit the ground running! Sometimes it helps to find one friend to let in the plan and bounce ideas off of. It can be especially helpful to choose a friend of your partner who knows what they will like.

Looking for a photographer?

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your proposal? I would LOVE to help you out! I will help you make sure everything goes off flawlessly – and I’ll even help plan the perfect proposal. Let’s do it.


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