I'm Emily - a music teacher turned wedding photographer who loves black coffee, Friends, the crackling sound of an old vinyl record, and everything bagels. I grew up in the western 'burbs of Chicago, and a piece of my heart still lives in that beautiful city. I moved to Cincinnati to attend Xavier University (Go X!), met this cute guy named Alex, and never looked back. I have two perfect daughters - Charlie and Quinn - and a rescue pup, Louie.

I'm based in Cincinnati, but I've never met a city I wouldn't visit for a love story. 

I believe love is love, Black lives matter, and I wish I didn't have to say that because everyone should believe the same.

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Obviously the big moments are magical. The first kiss with your new spouse, the first dance, and those jaw-dropping portraits are must haves on your wedding day. BUT... I truly believe that it is the small, in-between moments that truly tell your story. Small moments like:
- your mom giving you a hug before you walk down the aisle
- the big laughs during the speeches because that inside joke was just too much
- the way you look at each other when no one is looking

I love the magic of the small moments.

I really do. And not just in a "I cry when I watch rom coms" kind of way (I don't). I believe in REAL love stories - like yours and like mine. 

Your love story is full of big moments and little moments. It is made up of memories like the very first time you met, backpacking Europe together, meeting each other's families, getting engaged (!), but also the way you smile at each other, your partner grabbing your hand while you drive around town, and the giggle that only you can make happen. THOSE are the moments that make your story so special, and those are the moments I aim to capture in your photos.

I believe in love stories.

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