Where to Propose in Cincinnati – 7 Best Spots

Okay so – you’re thinking of proposing?! Congratulations! What an exciting time. Now you’re wondering where to propose in Cincinnati? Here are just a few of the many gorgeous places to propose in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  1. George Rogers Clark Park – Covington, Kentucky

George Rogers Clark Park has arguably one of the best views of the Cincinnati skyline. It is surrounded by adorable brick roads, gorgeous historic houses, and a perfect view of the Roebling bridge. I honestly can’t think of a more romantic setting for a sunset picnic and proposal. This is also a great place to go for wedding photos. Check out a Cincinnati wedding party with photos at George Rogers Clark Park here: Justine and Nicholas

2. Ault Park

Looking for a gorgeous place for a spring proposal? Think about Ault Park! Although it is one of the most popular parks in Cincinnati and can be rather crowded, there are some really private paths that could make a perfect setting for an intimate proposal. Added bonus: Ault Park has some seriously gorgeous cherry blossom trees in the spring.

Ault Park - Where to propose in Cincinnati

3. Outside the Aronoff

Head downtown, enjoy a drink and apps, and go for a walk at dusk. The lights outside of the Aronoff are absolutely stunning and make for the perfect backdrop for your proposal. Heck – maybe even see a show after to celebrate! It would be the perfect, well-rounded evening to remember.

The Aronoff - Where to propose in Cincinnati

4. Eden Park

Eden Park is one of the best parks in the city. It has a great view of the river, numerous areas with different views/vibes, an adorable bridge going across a lake that is actually picturesque, and picnic tables galore for that post-proposal party with family and friends. You definitely can’t go wrong. Here’s more from this sweet Eden Park Engagement: Jen and Alex

Eden Park - Where to propose in Cincinnati

5. Your favorite bar/restaurant

Why not make it personal? Head back to the spot you had your first date, or your favorite spot for date night. This couple met for their first date at The Oak in Oakley and decided to go there for their photos. Imagine how special it would have been for the proposal as well! Highly recommend making your favorite spot even more special. Cincinnati has tons of amazing restaurants and bars.

The Oak - Where to propose in Cincinnati

6. Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Park is so beautiful. You have a perfect view of the Roebling Bridge, a view of the skyline, and even some wildflower gardens. It truly can’t be beat. It has become one of my favorite spots in the city for couples sessions. Definitely consider Smale Park!

7. Washington Park, OTR

Washington Park is arguably my favorite place in Cincinnati. Seriously. Music Hall is stunning. The gazebo reminds me of Stars Hallow in Gilmore Girls. The fountains are perfect for running through for stunning photos. And it is walkable from some of the best restaurants in the city. When I lived downtown, I would spend almost every Saturday walking to Holtman’s, and bringing my donuts and coffee to Washington Park to enjoy. Even if you don’t propose here, consider it for a perfect date.

Cincinnati has some amazing parks that are available for engagements and weddings. There is a ton of information here: Cincinnatiparks.com

So, now that you are prepared with some of the best spots in Cincinnati to propose, get to the planning! I am happy to help with any proposal planning – and I’m always down to hide in some bushes to capture those perfect moments. I’d love to photograph your proposal and help make it the most perfect moment of your life this far! Let’s do it. Check out some proposal tips to help with your planning!

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