Smale Park: My Favorite Cincinnati Engagement Session Spot

Looking for an awesome spot for your engagement session? Look no further than Smale Park in Cincinnati! It is my favorite Cincinnati engagement session spot.

Check out Alli and Craig’s Smale Park Engagement Session

I can never decide if I like city views or park views better. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I tend to lean toward city, but it I am a sucker for good wildflowers and open skies. The best part of Smale Park is you get both! I just love the flower field with the Cincinnati skyline in the background. Can it get any better?!

Check out some more park photos here.

Want a Smale Park Engagement session for yourself? I would LOVE to help you create some beautiful photos! Let’s do it.

Alli and Craig – Smale Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
Roebling Bridge, Smale Park, Cincinnati

Looking for another spot?

Awesome! We started at Washington Park before heading to Smale. Washington Park is always a great choice – it has so much character and really embodies so many wonderful things about Cincinnati. We had an awesome bonus when we got there – there was a live band in the park! There’s nothing like live music to play as a soundtrack for your engagement session.

Washington Park is home to Music Hall – my favorite spot in all of Cincinnati. Seriously. It was raining on my wedding day, so we took our wedding party photos inside Music Hall. What an absolute dream! Especially for a former music teacher! (That’s right… I taught music for 5 years before becoming a full-time wedding photographer. I’ll tell that story another time.)

Not engaged yet? I’ve got you covered!

Check out this article to find some awesome spots to propose in Cincinnati! And then call me so I can hide in a bush to take photos of the engagement. Nothing would bring me more joy.

  1. […] Smale Park is so beautiful. You have a perfect view of the Roebling Bridge, a view of the skyline, and even some wildflower gardens. It truly can’t be beat. It has become one of my favorite spots in the city for couples sessions. Definitely consider Smale Park! […]


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