How to choose a wedding photographer – and why you shouldn’t choose your wedding photographer based on photos alone

Choosing your wedding photographer is so exciting! It is a big step in the wedding planning process, and it really helps you start to envision your wedding day. There are so many amazing photographers in each city and it can be tempting to book the photographer whose photos you fell in love with on Instagram. And don’t get me wrong, you absolutely should and need to love your photographer’s work, but that can’t be the only factor. This article will walk you through why you shouldn’t choose your wedding photographer based on photos alone, and help you figure out how to choose a wedding photographer you love!

Your vendors can make your break your wedding day

On your wedding day, your vendor team has the ability to make or break the mood of the day. I’m not talking about the work they do – you are choosing an amazing vendor team and the flowers, food, and details are all beautiful and will be perfect. I’m talking about their personalities. If you don’t vibe with your vendors, please don’t hire them. If you don’t feel comfortable around your vendors, you will be stressed, uncomfortable, and not present in your wedding day. And that stinks.

Your photographer is with you more on your wedding day than anyone else. They are right there next to you when you get into your wedding dress, the intimate first look, and the private last dance. (side note: this is why I always say I’m a professional third wheel. Because I truly third wheel all day!) Imagine having someone with you that makes you feel uneasy, worried, or annoyed. That would not be ideal for your wedding day – regardless of how stunning their photos are. They could take award winning photos, but if you felt uncomfortable your entire wedding day, you won’t love the photos because they will remind you of how that felt.

How to choose a wedding photographer

How do you make sure you choose the right person? There are so many options to choose from!

Okay, so you have a list of photographer’s who you found on Instagram, Google, TikTok, etc. That is an amazing place to start! Now it’s time to reach out. I definitely recommend reaching out to your vendors through their websites. I have had people reach out on social media and the DMs go to spam, I don’t see them every day, and it can really slow the process down. When you do reach out to these photographers, pay attention to how they interact with you, how quickly do they get back to you, and how you feel when you’re talking with them.

It is so important to actually talk to the photographers before you hire them. Definitely a phone call, and zoom or in person is even better. When you are talking to them, ask lots of questions and pay attention to how they respond, not just what they say. Read reviews, read their about page on their website look through portfolios, and make sure you really like the person you are hiring. You might not end up being best friends, but you sure shouldn’t hire a photographer you would never hang out with.

How I do it

Every photographer approaches new clients differently. I really love to actually know my couples. Getting to know my couples means that I can more accurately tell the story of their relationship. I always talk to my inquiries on the phone, and after they book I send a couple different questionnaires, talk a few times, and meet up for their engagement session. By the time the wedding rolls around, we are not strangers at all and we feel very comfortable with each other.


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